One World Pharma Inc. is a global cannabis and hemp producer headquartered in the U.S. with offices and operations in Bogota and Popayan, Colombia.

Our current cultivation site, located in Popayan, Colombia, is ready to supply the highest quality cannabis and hemp derivatives for industrial scale production of pharmaceuticals for trusted global brand consumer products.   

our company History

Formed in 2017, One World Pharma Inc. ("OWP") is a fully licensed global supplier of high-quality hemp and cannabis-derived ingredients for use in the manufacturing of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) and Over-the-Counter (OTC) products. OWP offers a reliable and sustainable supply chain for chemical formulators, food & beverage producers as well as beauty product manufacturers worldwide. The company maintains corporate offices in Las Vegas, NV and Bogota Colombia and a facility in Popayan, Colombia.

Colombia is positioned to be a significant supplier of hemp and cannabis-derived ingredients to the world based on the ideal agricultural climate, supportive legislation, and the ability to grow cannabis at substantially reduced costs compared to competing countries.

OWP has been granted four key licenses:
• Non-Psychoactive Low THC Cultivation
• Psychoactive High THC Cultivation
• Manufacture of Cannabis Derivatives
• Seed Use License

OWP has formed a management team with many years of comprehensive experience in all aspects of industrial agriculture and the cannabis sector. Current operations consist of cultivation for R&D and commercial export at the facility.

OWP has formed exclusive agreements with local indigenous communities and agricultural co-operatives in the Colombian Andes whereby OWP will supply the seeds, quality control protocols and operating procedures. The local Co-operatives will then sell OWP the raw mass to be refined into ingredients for export.

OWP is currently growing and harvesting in its covered greenhouses optimized for cannabis cultivation for research and development purposes. It has formal approval from ICA (Colombian Agriculture and Livestock Institute) for the registration of 25 cultivars subject to the characterization of these strains. OWP expects to complete the characterization of several non-psychoactive and psychoactive cultivars by end of 2019.

our mission

A fully licensed pure-play cannabis and hempingredient producer in Colombia

our strategy

Systematic Approach

High volume Cultivation

GMP/GAP/EU Standards


Crude, Distillates & Isolates


Expertise in delivery, custom clearance, security & control

Community Sourced

Through partnership with local & indigenous farmers

Fully Licensed

These licenses are fully issued and operative all the way down to the local level. One World Pharma Inc. is one of the few companies in Colombia to receive all four licenses for:

Non-Psychoactive Low THC Cultivation
Psychoactive High THC Cultivation
Manufacture of Cannabis Derivatives
Seed Use License
our products


our refinement process

100% Colombian Pure RAW cannabis/hemp

crude grade

Extracted oils from our locally sourced Cauca region cannabis & hemp farms.
full spectrum
quality varies
dark in color
base level refinement


Derived from processing the "crude" oil further. Through a film wipe distillation machine to removed all the unwanted containment
full spectrum
quality controlled
light in color
mid level refinement

isolate grade

Undergoing further purifying process, resulting in a pure isolate powder with 99% CBD.  CBD isolate consist of a fine white crystalline powder used for chemical compound - most concentrated form.
full spectrum
quality controlled
powered form
high level refinement
Community initiative

Local Partnership

Partnering with the local indigenous people and local farmers in the region, One World Pharma Inc. empowers the community through education, building infrastructure, and expanding their economy by introducing them to the international market.

One People
One Community
One World

With the support of Mrs. Liliana "Mama" Pechene (recipient of the 2018 Colombian Leadership Award), One World Pharma is positioned to be the driving force in creating a sustainable community which truly focuses on social responsibility and the environment.

One World Pharma has invested greatly in the development and the relationship with the surrounding indigenous people as well as with the local farmers. By creating a self-sustaining infrastructure and economy, the local people are able to receive the genetics and seeds to grow hemp and cannabis in order to resell back. To further enhance their involvement, OWP made several of the local community part of the shareholders in the company. This cooperation truly strengthens and solidifies the relationship with the community as they benefit from the new economy.

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