Colombian Soil
Tropical Weather
Natural Sunlight

Colombia thrives in the agricultural industry. Colombia is the second-largest exporter of cut flower in the world, supplying up to 70% of the US (approximately $1 billion in blooms), a qualifying factor for engaging into the cannabis market.

Optimal growing conditions

Receives more than 100 inches of rainfall annually.

Average of 223 days of precipitation.

Located 276.46 mi north of the equator.

Receives 12 hours of natural sunlight daily.

Averaging 74°F (23°C).

Optimal MMJ growing temperature ranges between 68°F - 77°F.

Proprietary Genetics
Cloning Techniques
Optimal Growing

One World Pharma Inc. utilizes their extensive knowledge & research of the cannabis plant to cultivate specific strains from around the world - with 25 registered strains at ICA and dozens more awaiting approval.

One World Pharma Inc. works closely with our customers in creating products. Customers define what cannabis molecule combination they desire and OWP grows the plant that fully complies to the request. It is then extracted and refined into oil, distillate and isolate, according to the order requirement. Customers can define their requirements in advance on a contractual basis or purchase off-the-shelf.

Superior Quality

We use innovative, proprietary cannabis micropropagation techniques to cultivate stable, robust, genetically superior cannabis and hemp derived products – year round.

We produce according to GAP/GMP/EU Pharmacopoeia standards with our products made available and accessible to all large-scale purchasers at market competitive prices. Everything is tested for safety and potency before shipping.


One World Pharma houses a state-of-the-art extraction and refinement facility using the most advanced machinery. OWP adopted ethanol extraction technology over legacy methods such as CO2. Solvent ethanol-based extraction allows for faster processing at higher capacity, more efficient extraction resulting in less waste of product and safer for the environment and staff working at the facility. The primary products are crude oil, distillate and isolate specifically produced to customer’s requirements at the level of CBD and THC desired with close to 99% purity.

Quality Testing Conducted by DigiPath Lab

Under the direction of 20-year biotech and diagnostic industry pioneer Dr. Cindy Orser, Digipath flagship cannabis analytical testing laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada helps to ensure consumer and patient safety by providing cannabinoid and terpenoid potency data (chemoprofile) that can be used by cannabis consumers to match their specific needs. Digipath also tests for residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals and microbial contamination to ensure all products are clean and safe.

Logistics & Supply

One of the key challenges in the expanding cannabis market is overcoming the licensing and regulations issues each country and state will enforce. These issues can become volatile as the rules may change from period to period. For this task, OWP created a dedicated staff of professionals including lawyers. Building the expertise is an on going process. The company already has a CRM database hosting all the relevant documentation and licenses needed, and it is continuously being updated as more countries are entering the market and more legislation is being passed.

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